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Deep frying is one of the many ways to cook foods. This method is made easier with electronic deep fryers such as the ones available from Alpina for affordable prices.


Alpina has a few different options for deep fryers. They all essentially manage the same task, with size being one of the major differences. This is a key decision-making point as everyone may have different needs.

They all come with a basket that helps you lower the food into the hot oil and also take it out, letting the oil drain as you do. There are temperature control knobs as well as timers, this lets you get the exact kind of cook you need for different things.

Alpina has one option that has twin fryers, this way you can fry separately at different temperatures and get the main dish as well as sides like fries done at the same time.

The Alpina deep fryers also have washable oil filters. Keeping the oil clean is important so burnt debris does not ruin your food. Also changing the oil on time is important as that can become very unhealthy.

The tank holding the oil is generally non-stick so it is easier to clean up as well.