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Getting an Alpina coffee maker will allow you to prepare your coffee just how you like with the beans of your choice. There are a few options, with the major difference being a simpler machine for black coffee and a more complex one that can help you prepare an espresso or other such coffees. The prices are generally in an affordable range, but the more complex machine costs substantially higher.


Alpina produces a few different kinds of coffee machines, with the basic ones being the drip coffee maker that has a carafe that it pours black coffee into. This carafe is set on a heated plate so the coffee stays warm.

The more complex coffee maker from Alpina lets you prepare fancier coffee such as espressos or cappuccinos. This is managed as there is a milk frother for that layer of whisked milk that is much loved.

The sizes of Alpina coffee makers vary a bit in regards to how many cups they can prepare. One can choose based on this and the type of coffee they need.

The prices of Alpina coffee makers are affordable, but the more complex machine costs quite a bit more.