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The powerful Alopia Hair Oil formula is made from nutritious ingredients such as Walnut Oil, Black Seek, Castor, Olive and Sesame Oil to cure Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disease that negatively effects hair follicles.


Alopecia Areata can rapidly reduce hair growth and result in unwanted patches of baldness. The natural and organic extracts used in Alopia Hair Oil use Brassica Nigra Oil, Ricinus Communis Linn Oil, Viola Odorata, Melia Azadirachta Seeds and Aloe Barbadensis that create a superfood diet for the scalp that is deeply absorbed by the roots promoting hair growth. The first signs of returning hair are visible after 20 days of using Alopia Hair Oil ensuring that any bald spots will be covered within the first month of usage. This product is safe to use by men and women of all ages as it is entirely herbal without any preservatives or chemicals.