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The leading lifestyle retail store Alkaram has a dedicated section with home solutions and decorations. The Alkaram towels are available in various sizes, colours and designs. They are sold as separate pieces and are made from 100% cotton material.


The Alkaram towels are durable and high quality designed with interesting patterns and motifs. The Bamboo design is a tightly woven border running across the two ends of the towel with a textile inspired pattern that looks neat and fresh. The Jacquard design is an embossed pattern that creates texture and softness in the final product.

The colour range includes neutrals such as white, grey, brown and beige. The brighter colours used are red, violet, orange, blue and green. The plain Alkram towels are highly popular with their simple design and neatly placed strips create a thick border on the sides of the towel. These towels are easy to wash in the washing machine and are long-lasting addition to your home bath linen.