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The Lowest price of Alarm Clock in Pakistan is Rs.236 and estimated average price is Rs.1,382.


Waking up to the buzzing sound of your mom's alarm clock for sure must be one of your sweetest childhood memories. Or not if that meant waking up for school! Alarm clocks are small devices that conveniently wake you up or alert you at a given time. They are still widely used by most households in Pakistan. If you are looking for one, check out alarm clock prices in Pakistan and choose from a wide collection of digital and analogue variety.


Vintage Style

The vintage mechanical clock comes in a round shape and has a single or dual bell on top. The analogue clock rests on two small feet and can make for a great antique piece on your bedside table. It can be bought in stainless steel, plastic, acrylic etc and are most sought after in silver, golden, chrome and rose gold metallic colours. You can set one alarm at a time and most of these clocks need to be turned off manually once they go off. The modern ones can be put on snooze by pressing the top part. The snooze function allows for multiple times a person can delay the alarm to as much as 10 minutes. 

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital clocks have made life easier by offering multiple functions in one single device. You can set multiple alarms, alerts and notifications etc on these devices. Most of them are battery-operated or are electronic and use little power to stay on. The snooze function can be preset with the alarm and some devices also allow for multiple snoozes for a single alarm. 

Modern Alarm Clocks

The modern types give alerts with sound, light or vibrations, as per user preference. Some of these devices are a modern version of the clock radios of the '40s. They are now digital and come with radio receivers that play FM stations or preset songs at a loud voice at the time of the alarm. Some even have large LED displays that show time in a digital format. They may also show date, day and weather, temperature etc. 

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Price List

Model Price
Alarm Clock Small Mint Rs. 236
Modern Alarm Clock Unicorn Cute Alarm Small Clock Desktop H… Rs. 875
LCD Digital LED Projector Projection Alarm Clock Weather St… Rs. 1,900
Table Alarm Clock Rs. 3,290
Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock For Kids, Alarm Clock For Girls Rs. 450
Sony ICF-C1 Digital Alarm Clock and Radio Rs. 4,199
Led Multi-Function Electronic Clock Silent Mirror Alarm Clo… Rs. 2,185
Quartz Pearl Mini Travel Alarm Clock Rs. 550
Charji Shop LED Night Light Alarm Clock Soft Silicone Lamp Rs. 4,300
Digital Bathroom Wall Clock Waterproof Suction Cups Countdo… Rs. 2,789
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