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The Lowest price of Ajrak Shawl in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.1,010.


Ajraks have been in production since ancient times, the technique known as block printing is used which is the first form of printing known to man. There are a whole host of possible design variations available, all based on geometric patterns. Ajraks are available at lower-end price ranges, with slight variation depending on size and quality of fabric.


The ancient block print

A very unique style that has been in production for over a millennia, the exact date being vague. A bust excavated at the ancient site of Mohenjodaro of a priest-king is deemed to depict an ajrak. The reason being that a trefoil pattern is etched into the garment layer, interspersed with small circles the interiors of which have red pigment in them. A defining cultural marker of the province, Sindh. Ajraks are also commonly worn in the South of Punjab.

Designs on ajraks

Based around geometric designs, the printing is done via the oldest method known to man; block printing which is thought to have origins in China. Today some are made with the organic dyes of the past or with more modern versions that will fade slower as the new dyes are harsher in their colouring. The decorative colours usually include crimson and indigo. With certain parts that have black lines and the whites are basically left out portions. All these combined give the patterns their definition through contrast.


Ajraks are made in several different parts of Sindh including Hala, Bhit Shah, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Kandyaro, Matiari and more. The designs may vary depending on the maker and area they come from. Another interesting fact is the use of ajraks by the Egyptians to clothe their mummies. Imported from Sindh and known as 'Sindhin'. The Persian King Dara (the first) was also presented one at his crowning ceremony in 500BC.

The price of ajraks is nominal, it is available in a very wide range of designs so one can pick something that speaks to them personally. 

Price List

Model Price
Ajrak Shawl Red Rs. 3,799
Women Multi Color Sindhi Ajrak !! Rs. 339
Pure Cotton Black Sindhi Ajrak Chadder / Shawl fo… Rs. 599
Pure Cotton Sindhi 2 pc Ajrak For Him SA-01-3 Rs. 749
Pack of 2 - Sindhi Embroidered Ajrak & Shawl Rs. 948
Neel Blue | Siraiki or Saraiki | Multani Ajrak Fo… Rs. 630
Pure Cotton Targarho Print Screen Dyes Ajrak SA-0… Rs. 1,250
Black Cultural Ajrak (Sindhi&Saraiki Saen Cultura… Rs. 620
Sindhi/ balochi embroidered ajrak chadar for ladi… Rs. 1,050
Black & White Linen Sindhi Ajrak Rs. 699
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