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The Lowest price of Air Filter in Pakistan is Rs.341 and estimated average price is Rs.23,974.


Air filters help cleanse the air. There are many different shapes and sizes depending on what device they are designed to be installed into. There are also grades that let one know how much and what all an air filter will remove from the air. The price of an air filter depends on the specific kind, some are cheap such as the ones that are made for cars while others are very expensive such as HEPA filters made for more highly controlled environments.


Air Filter

A device made from a fibrous or porous material that removes solid particles such as dust, pollen, pollutants, mould and bacteria from the air. These are very useful in situations where the quality of air matters, such as in ventilation systems or engines.

There are different kinds and different grades of air filters. The kinds relate to where they will be used, as a lot of air filters are specifically designed to fit into a certain space. The grades of filtering depend on what material is being used and how fine it is.

HEPA filters, for instance, can clean the air up to 95% or more. This is generally a matter of what the required environment is, semiconductor factories use HEPA filters so their technology is not affected by any external element.

Filters need to be changed after a certain amount of time or depending on how much the machine was run. This is due to the fact that all the filtered particles clog it up, reducing the efficiency after a certain point.

Some air filters can be washed, such as the ones in ACs, but make sure your air filter is washable before giving it a shower. Certain models may have extra coatings or activated carbon added into them, these things help kill germs or remove odours and gases as well; depending on the specific coating.


Air filters are available in many shapes and sizes as there are a lot of different machines that they are installed into. This is also why many are designed specifically for certain machines and cannot be used with others.

The price of an air filter depends on what kind it is, a car air filter may not be expensive but a true HEPA filter is an expensive item.

Price List

Model Price
SMC AF20 Elements For Air Filter Rs. 1,530
SHARP Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and HEPA Fi… Rs. 46,950
Beurer LR 300 / 310 replacement set - Filter for… Rs. 10,890
AUGIENB 4-IN-1 HEPA Filter Replacement For Car Ai… Rs. 341
Beurer LR310 Air Purifier with HEPA H13 Filter an… Rs. 54,450
Beurer Air Purifier 3-in-1 H13 Layer Filter Syste… Rs. 34,650
WBM Smart Hepa Filter Air Purifier White (AR-04) Rs. 28,999
Koios Desktop Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter … Rs. 19,999
Beurer LR-210 Air Purifier 3 Layer HEPA Filter Sy… Rs. 37,999
3M Filtrete™ FAPF04-4 Ultra Clean Replacement Fil… Rs. 14,999
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