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The Lowest price of Adidas Football Ball in Pakistan is Rs.6,500 and estimated average price is Rs.6,650.


A leader in the football market, Adidas has many designs available; including the ones they have provided to the FIFA World Cup matches. The Adidas quality is top-notch. In Pakistan, the price of an Adidas football is in the lower to mid ranges.


Adidas is one of the foremost producers of footballs in the world. It is the brand which is used for the FIFA World Cup matches.

Adidas footballs

The hexagon patterned black and white ball that is the standard depiction of a football today is based on the Adidas Telstar. This ball was an improvement on the work of Eigil Neilsen who created the 32-panel ball design. It was used in the 1970 FIFA World Cup, the first time an Adidas football was used for these matches. Since then Adidas has been the official football brand for the FIFA World Cup.

Over the years the hexagon-shaped panels have evolved and Adidas introduced many varies shapes. With modern technology making it easier to create new and fun shapes the brand has kept pushing the boundaries. Even the stitching has been replaced with hot bonded glue sealing instead.

A lot of Adidas footballs are produced in Pakistan, a country responsible for about 60% of the world's footballs; including the ones used in the FIFA World Cup matches.

Adidas footballs are top quality, like the rest of their original products. Some of the designs used for the FIFA World Cup include Fevernova, Teamgeist, Jabulani, Brazuca and the Telstar 18.


An Adidas football is the epitome of football technology, from the material to the design. The price of these footballs in Pakistan is in the lower to mid ranges.

One can find a host of other designs as well aside from the ones mentioned above, giving you many options to pick from.

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