Aardee Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Aardee Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs.4,199 and estimated average price is Rs.6,070.


A useful small appliance, the Aardee Hand Blender is great to get repetitive tasks done fast. With two speeds these hand blenders let you get the right consistency for whatever you are mixing.


Aardee Hand Blenders come in a few different styles with similar designs and functions. The hand blender is a very useful tool for the kitchen, allowing one to get small tasks done with barely any hassle.

The Aardee Hand Blender can be used to prepare sauces, and blend ingredients in the soup while it cooks or beat eggs. You could use it to mix batter as well if you don't have a mixer. The two different speeds allow you to set the speed suitable for whatever task you are undertaking.

There is a small hoot covering the blender's blade, this makes sure you do not have things splashing as you mix them. The metal parts of the blender are detachable so one can wash them with ease.

The Aardee Hand Blender will help you save time as most of these tasks would be tedious and require multiple steps. Given its size, you could prepare a shake in your glass as well, without having to work a larger blender, this convenience is what the hand blender is all about.

Price List

Model Price
Aardee Hand Blender - Arsb-2003 Rs. 4,199
Aardee 2 Speeds Hand Blender ARSB-2003 Rs. 7,800
Aardee 2 Speeds Hand Blender ARSB-2002 Rs. 5,600
Aardee 2 Speeds Hand Blender with Beaker ARSB-2004 Rs. 7,800
Aardee Hand Mixer ARHM 200 Rs. 7,400
Aardee Hand Blender - Arsb-2004 Rs. 4,999
Aardee Hand blender (ARSB-2003) Rs. 5,100
Aardee Hand Mixer (ARHM-200) Rs. 10,000
Aardee Hand Blender With Beaker (ARSB-2004) Rs. 7,620
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