A4Tech Gaming Mouse Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of A4Tech Gaming Mouse in Pakistan is Rs.822 and estimated average price is Rs.3,536.


A market leader in the peripheral business, A4Tech also has lines that are geared for the gaming community. These lines make many products including high-performance mouses. There are a lot of different designs to choose from and there is also a variation in features from model to model. The prices are in the lower-mid ranges, making these devices somewhat affordable.


One of the known brands that produces a varied range of peripherals. A4Tech has many different gaming mouses as well, giving users plenty of options to pick from.

A4tech Gaming Mouses and possible features

A4Tech has been focusing on high-performance peripherals for quite a while, meaning they have developed many options for each segment. The main brand has options, and they also have two separate lines which are specifically for the gaming world. These lines go by 'Bloody' and 'X7'.

One can find wireless options and wired ones too. The designs are modern and minimal with an edgy feel that is similar to tactical equipment. The majority of them are options in black, while there are some white body mouses as well. To accentuate, many of the designs have extra lines of colour or patterns on them. Certain versions even have RGB lights to add to the gaming stations environment.

The buttons on the A4Tech gaming mouses can be personalised for your activity of choice, with multiple profiles so various setups can be saved. This is great to help users hone their gaming tool to fit their style. Some of the models have gesture controls which can also be customised, again adding to the gamers performance flow. A 4-way wheel is a possible feature as well, depending on the model you choose.

Balance is crucial for performance functionality; this is why there are options from the bran that also incorporate a counter-weight. This improves the hand movements, making for better precision.

Another important factor is the report rate, the higher the rate the faster the mouse is communicating with your PC. This may not always be needed, but if one is in the middle of an intense game increasing the report rate would improve the smoothness of performance. To an average user, this seems like a simple and small function but in practice for gamers, it helps tune the two devices to be better in sync.

Gesture controls are also something that is featured in some of the models. Gesture controls are executed along with the pressing of a specific button. This executes larger tasks in a lot fewer moves, saving time on the fly.

If you live in a shared space, A4Tech has also made a 'silent click' mouse. This is a very considerate device even if it is not as satisfying without the clicking feel.


A4Tech gaming mouses come with a software which is used to personalise your device to your needs. 

Depending on the model you choose it will have a different mix of features. The price of these devices is in an affordable range, despite the quality.

Price List

Model Price
A4Tech Bloody Armor Gaming Mouse Pad (B-081S) Rs. 822
A4Tech Mini Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse (7700N) Rs. 3,599
A4Tech Bloody W60 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 4,999
A4Tech Bloody J90 RGB Gaming Mouse Black Rs. 3,999
A4tech Bloody MP-80N Gaming Mouse Pad (800x310x4mm) Rs. 3,199
A4Tech Q50-Neon X'Glide Gaming Mouse Rs. 2,899
A4Tech Bloody B-080 Defense Armor Gaming Mouse Pad Rs. 2,099
A4Tech Bloody V5M X'Glide Multi-Core Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,099
A4tech Bloody X77 RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 2,499
A4tech Blood W60 - Max RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,950
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