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The Lowest price of A4Tech Bloody in Pakistan is Rs.2,499 and estimated average price is Rs.5,018.


Bloody is a shoot of the A4Tech family of peripherals and has devices specifically designed and developed for gamers. With many different options in design and a few varied features, the Bloody range is among the reliable options for gaming. The brand's pricing is competitive.


Bloody by A4Tech

A brand that is all about gaming. A wing from the known peripheral maker A4Tech. Under the Bloody moniker, the brand produces keyboards, mouses, mousepads and headphones. The product design is edgy with a gamer-special-ops feel, with many models that have a hint of red to go with the name. Bloody develops products that are high performance so gamers have the best possible speed integration for play. 

Under the Bloody badge, A4Tech has an extensive range of options for all the different peripherals, except for the mouse pads; there the options are limited.

A4Tech Bloody mouses

The many options include wireless and wired options. Many of these devices have RGB lights to add to the overall feel. The mouses are full of a variety of buttons and each design has its own placement scheme. One can choose based on what they generally find comfortable. These devices can also be customised to save profiles or gesture action executions.

A4Tech Bloody keyboards

The brand launched Light Strike technology, a system that relies on light as the signal making this system of communication inside a keyboard super fast. This wins out over the electrical keyboards by a decent margin. A faster response time means a lot to gamers. The options are mechanical keyboards, which make for a more sturdy device and a more snappy performance. Most of the devices are backlit as well so gamers can see the keys in a low light environment. 

A4Tech Bloody headphones

There is a wide range of Bloody Headphones one can choose from. Including versions that have virtual 7.1 surround sound for a great and immersive experience. This even helps one play certain games better such as first-person shooters. This allows one to better locate where the opponent is firing from or what direction the footsteps are coming from, giving one a better idea of their target.

Their headphones come with built-in microphones so users can communicate with their team members to strategize.


All their devices have a software along which can help one customise and teak certain setting to make for a more personalised and comfortable usage.

The pricing is competitive, despite the quality Bloody delivers it is in a more affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
A4tech Bloody X87 RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 2,499
Bloody G570 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset -… Rs. 4,880
A4tech Bloody B865N Neon Optical-Mechanical Full Light Stri… Rs. 7,199
A4Tech Bloody W60 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 4,999
A4tech Bloody G200s Gaming Headset Rs. 2,899
A4Tech Bloody B820R Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keybo… Rs. 8,871
A4tech Bloody G600i Surround Sound Gaming Headset Rs. 5,499
A4tech Blood W60 - Max RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,950
A4Tech Bloody B740S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rs. 7,499
A4tech Bloody B160N Illuminate Gaming Keyboard Rs. 4,299
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