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The Lowest price of A4 Paper in Pakistan is Rs.159 and estimated average price is Rs.692.


The most commonly used size in paper almost across the whole world.


History of standardisation

In the 1700s Georg Christoph Lichtenberg suggested that paper sizes should be standardised, possibly the creator of 'scrapbooks' as well, which he maintained but were seen by other people after his passing. Some of his research is the basis of our later ability to photocopy for which standardised paper is used a lot making all this quite full circle. The paper size usage was furthered by Dr Walter Porstmann after World War I. The size rankings caught on so much that they were standardised by the International Organization of Standards under the title 'ISO 216' which is specific to paper and uses the metric system to categorise. The standardised dimensions made it easier to formulate the technology around our paper usage.

The A4 paper

The most common size in paper that is in use today in most countries is the A4 paper, as the size is just right for multiple kinds of uses. Used in offices, homes, schools, hospitals and any other place needing loose sheets of paper. Save specific uses like the courts that use 'Legal Size' paper. A4 paper measures 210 mm wide and 297 mm long (about 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches).

Grammage variations

Overall dimensions are the same but the thickness of the paper, also known as the grammage, does vary between brands and at times the thicker paper has a better more classic feel. You can choose which one you want to opt for depending on which you think works better for your purpose.

Price List

Model Price
BTS Spiral Notebook-A4 Rs. 460
Texture Paper a4 Size For Certificate / Award Pri… Rs. 899
Top Quality PaperOne A4 paper one 80 gsm pack of … Rs. 1,400
PAKISTAN Spiral Notebook-A4 Rs. 460
Notebook - Retro Mission- A4 - by PAPERWORK Rs. 600
Paperwork Spiral Notebook Giraffe A4 Premium Desi… Rs. 675
B.L.C 70G A4 PAPER - 1 REAM ( 500 sheets) Rs. 1,250
Colour Paper A4 size 500 sheets Mix light colour … Rs. 1,200
Copier Paper Ream A4 500 Sheets - 70 g Rs. 1,399
LIVE Spiral Notebook-A4 Rs. 615
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