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The Lowest price of Pioneer in Pakistan is Rs.650 and estimated average price is Rs.16,764.


A famous brand that produces speakers, amps, headphones, music players and more. Pioneer speakers and amps are the go-to for many car audio enthusiasts. The quality of Pioneer products is great and the prices are high generally, with some products that are in affordable ranges.


Pioneer Corporation

A brand that is based out of Japan, established by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 as a speaker and radio repair shop.

Pioneer has been responsible for developing many of the technologies that have reined over time. This includes interactive cable TV, LaserDisc players, automotive Compact Disc players, detachable face car stereos, DVD and DVD recording, plasma displays, OLED displays and more.

The largest shareholder of Pioneer is the Sharp Corporation and the second largest is the Honda Motor Co.

Pioneer products

The foremost product line is the car audio related line. Pioneer produces speakers, amps, digital media receivers of various kinds and subwoofers. Pioneer also produces dash cams and GPS navigation systems.

In the speaker market, they also produce home speaker systems along with amplifiers. These speakers include towers, bookshelf speakers and central speaker units. Dolby Atmos is featured with their speakers, allowing for a more full soundscape for your movies and shows. The amplifiers power some of these speakers such as the home theatre system towers and others are powered so they do not need an amp.

Still working in the CD and DVD market, Pioneer produces burners which can be installed into PCs or connected using a USB. These are fast becoming legacy products as CDs and DVDs are phasing out, but are still relevant for now. These drives have support for BluRay and 4K.

Pioneer also produces a range of headphones, these include overhead versions, earbuds and a small conference speaker is also under this segment. The overhead headphones are some of the best and are industry standard for DJs all over the world. The headphones also include monitors that are used for music production, giving users a flat sound which shows an exact picture of your song under construction.

High-end audio players are made by Pioneer as well. These have a built-in DAC and AMP system so the sound produced is crystal. These have large amounts of space and one can add in a microSD card to expand it, with two slots so the user can really carry all their music with them. The file formats supported are many, this also makes it easier for you to have all kinds of files and still be able to play them.

Aside from this Pioneer also produces DJ equipment and has audio for boats as well.


Pioneer products are of high quality and built to last. Their performance is near legendary in all the categories they are a part of.

The price of Pioneer products is high mostly, with a few that are in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Pioneer TS-A6966S 6 Inch X 9 Inch 3-Way Speaker Rs. 13,500
Pioneer TS-6975V3 Champion Series 3 Way Speaker 5… Rs. 32,900
Pioneer SE-IM5BT IRONMAN Wireless Sports Earphones Rs. 9,099
Pioneer SE-CL722T In-Ear Stereo Headphones Rs. 8,899
Pioneer 5" Car Speaker China - TS-A1395S | Univer… Rs. 2,650
Pioneer SE-CL722T In-Ear Stereo Headphones - Red Rs. 9,199
Pioneer Professional DJ Headphones (HDJ-1500) Rs. 27,999
Pioneer Home Theater System HTZ-120 Rs. 24,999
Pioneer SE-E3M IRONMAN Sports Earphones - White Rs. 4,499
Pioneer SE-MJ553BT Wireless Stereo Headphones - W… Rs. 16,699
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