500Gb Hard Disk Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of 500Gb Hard Disk in Pakistan is Rs.1,150 and estimated average price is Rs.6,312.


File storage is done on a hard disk. A 500GB hard disk can hold a lot of files, roughly up to 100,000 songs; this gives you an idea as to what the size is. A hard disk can be an internal one or an external one. There are two main types, HDD and SSD. Many brands produce 500GB hard disks, one can choose based on the brand they like and the type they need. The price of a 500GB hard disk is in the mid ranges if it is and HDD and high if it is an SSD.


Hard Disks

The component that stores the files in a computer is the hard disk. A 500GB hard disk is a decent size, it can hold a lot of information. For some people, this may be less, if they have heavier files such as high-resolution videos to work on.

One can find a 500GB hard disk for internal or external use. The external ones are often adopted for added space or used as a backup; these versions come set inside a casing.

Types of 500GB hard disks

Older models are the 'hard disk drive' (HDD), newer ones are the 'solid state drive' (SSD). An SSD 500GB hard disk performs a lot quicker as there are no moving parts and the internal functions are based on electronic circuits. SSDs versions are also faster as they have support for newer interface standards, such as the NVMe protocol.

You can find a 500GB hard disk with many different interface options as they are used in a lot of different machines. For instance, in server systems, one may need the SCSI variant which can run 24/7 without falling apart. You can choose the appropriate one for your needs.

The NAND based risk

If a 500GB hard disk is the SSD kind and based on NAND Flash tech, it will leak data once it has passed its endurance rating. This rating is in the tens of thousands so it takes time to use a drive that much. Also if the hard disk's capacitors lose all electricity then too it will leak data possibly. This would mean it has not been powered for a year or more, so make sure to turn it on a few months before that happens.


There are a lot of brands that produce various kinds of 500GB hard disks. The known ones that are common in the market include Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital and Kingston.

The price of this kind of hard disk depends on the specific type, an HDD would not be too costly but the SSD would cost quite a bit.

Price List

Model Price
Hard Disk 500GB 3.5 inch, 7.2K RPM SATA II - Non … Rs. 13,249
2.5" Laptop Internal Hard Disk 250GB, 320GB, 500G… Rs. 1,999
Internal PC Hard Disk 80GB 160GB 250GB 500GB 1TB … Rs. 3,000
2.5" Laptop Internal Hard Disk 250GB, 320GB, 500G… Rs. 2,999
Seagate External HDD USB 3.0 500GB (New Slim Mode… Rs. 6,299
3.5" HDD Sata HARD DISK DRIVE 80GB/ 160GB/ 250GB/… Rs. 1,150
USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive 1TB 1000GB 7… Rs. 2,900
Hard Disk 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3.5 " Hot Plug Hard… Rs. 18,349
2.5" Laptop Internal Hard Disk 250GB, 320GB, 500G… Rs. 3,999
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