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If one needs backup power or even needs power at a premises that is far from the electric grid, a generator will sort your power issues. A 50kVA generator would be able to power a serious amount of equipment and appliances. It can run a medium-sized home or office on its own and one can find generators that run on different fuels too. This size of a generator would be an expensive purchase.


Why generators are convenient

One needs a consistent supply of electricity to function in today's world, all our homes, offices and industries rely on it. There are unforeseen power issues so having a generator can help one keep their home or office running.

Many people use UPSs but they can only power smaller devices and eventually run out of power. A generator on the other hand can essentially run till you have fuel. A 50kVA generator can easily handle all the devices in a medium-sized office or home. This includes heavier appliances such as ACs and fridges.

There are generators that have a self start feature too, this means when the power drops from the grid it auto starts. This saves people the hassle of having to go outside to start their generator.

Considerations when purchasing one

A large part of the feasibility is about what fuel a generator uses. There are options that use petrol, diesel or gas. Gas being the most cost-effective, the quietest and comparatively eco-friendly. But the downside with gas generators is that they tend to have more engine issues. To circumvent this one needs to regularly change the oil and filters.

Petrol is generally the most costly to run. Diesel generators are the more reliable option, but also make the most noise and have the largest environmental damage. Diesel variants will mostly outlast the other kinds in terms of overall lifespan.

For the noise aspect, there are modern generators that have pannels which absorb a lot of the sound. This reduces it from a numbing roar to a more subdued sound.


Whether a 50kVA generator is ample for you depends on what all you want it to power. It is a large-sized generator and would cost quite a lot; with the gas version having a higher initial cost in comparison to the other two.