4Gb Ram Mobile Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of 4Gb Ram Mobile in Pakistan is Rs.16,999 and estimated average price is Rs.26,463.


The heavy processing tasks in smartphones such as gaming, transferring data, multitasking mobile applications, downloading updates, photography and videography require a large RAM capacity. The 4GB RAM Mobile price in Pakistan is midrange and affordable by various brands.

Pros & Cons


  • The entry-level smartphones are now built with 4GB RAM


4GB RAM ensures that the smartphone runs as smoothly as a computer processor. Heavy processing tasks such as opening up PUBG displaying detailed textures and graphics is simple and fast with a 4GB RAM. Optimal speed can still be achieved even when the internal storage is nearing full capacity making it easy to multitask. Experience zero lagging issues, no choppy graphics or tearing pixelation of visuals with 4GB RAM mobiles. Video streaming and gameplay will feel immersive and satisfying as processing will remain smooth and glitch-free as compared to 2GB RAM mobiles. The 4GB RAM size ensures that several applications can be used simultaneously, which is not possible on smartphones with RAM lower than 4 GB.

Web Browsing

One of the major tasks on the phone is web browsing on Google and Safari. The processing speed really matters during these tasks as loading of pages can vary depending on how many images and their resolution is being used. The convenience of online shopping, searching for information, looking for directions on Google Maps, businesses and restaurants means the time it takes to look for these things is crucial. A small delay can result in wasting time, missing a turn or never being able to find the right place to eat or shop. 


Users who are experienced gamers are not only playing PUBG and Fortnite on their gaming consoles or computers but also their smartphones using 4GB RAM. Multiplayer mobile gaming is on the rise where users will hangout together or remotely to play together on their smartphones. 

Price List

Model Price
Infinix Hot 8 Dual Sim (4G, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM,Cosmic Purpleā€¦ Rs. 16,999
Infinix Hot 11 128GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Purple Rs. 23,100
Samsung Galaxy A03 64GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Blue Rs. 23,700
Infinix Hot 11 Play 4GB RAM 64GB Built-in Rs. 23,500
Infinix Hot 11 128GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Polar Black Rs. 24,062
VIVO Y30 4GB RAM 128GB Storage Rs. 28,799
Infinix Hot 12 Play 64GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Lucky Green Rs. 23,550
Tecno Spark 8C 64GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Iris Purple Rs. 22,499
Xiaomi Redmi 10A 128GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Granite Gray Rs. 26,500
Infinix Hot 12 Play 128GB 4GB RAM Dual Sim Daylight Green Rs. 24,500
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