32Gb Usb Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of 32Gb Usb in Pakistan is Rs.449 and estimated average price is Rs.1,136.


A 32GB USB could hold a small amount of information conveniently. The size makes it very portable which adds to the usefulness. Many different brands produce 32GB USBs; the prices are in the affordable range.


32GB of space on the go

32GBs of space in a portable form is convenient to have on you. Especially people who work can make use of it often. You never know when you need to copy files from someone. It can also be used to store documents that are fixed templates for your work.

This device allows one to work from multiple machines in case they are travelling or mobile otherwise. A 32GB USB could also be loaded with a bootable program or a diagnostics tool for specific systems.

USBs have fast write and read times as they are based on Flash Memory tech. They do not have any moving parts which also makes them durable devices to have along. A USB also has a limited stress cycle after which it is no longer functional, this number is in the tens of thousands so it takes a long time before it is defunct.

A USB can pick up malware, so one should be careful what systems they use it with and scan it regularly as well, in case.


The consideration when purchasing one is the brand and the transfer speed. The USB speed standards vary from 1.0 to 4.0, the higher the number is the faster it operates. One can also find versions that fit the USB Type-C port if that is what your regular need fits.

The price of a 32GB USB is nominal, with the higher speed variants costing a bit more. Many brands produce this size of a USB, the known ones include SanDisk, Kingston, HP and a few others.

Price List

Model Price
Usb فلیش ڈرائیو 8gb/16gb/32gb/50gb/64gb/100gb/مفت تحفہ کے س… Rs. 449
32gb HP USB Flash Drive - 3.1 Speed - X796W Rs. 1,200
32GB Transcend JetFlash 820 USB 3.1 Speed USB Flash Drive Rs. 1,650
32gb Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive OTG m3.0 Rs. 1,100
SanDisk 32GB Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive Rs. 949
32GB TeamGroup USB Flash Drive C145 3.2 Speed Rs. 950
32gb Sandisk Ultra Flair USB Flash Drive 3.0 Speed Rs. 1,000
32gb Adata USB Flash Drive - UV128 - 3.1 Speed Rs. 900
32gb Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C 3.1 Speed Rs. 1,500
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