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One of nature's most useful gifts to the world is solar energy. A solar panel of 250 watt may sound inadequate but can be enough for most small scale homes and outdoor settings. Check out prices of 250 watt solar panel in Pakistan on this page and read on for prominent options in Pakistan.


Popular Brands in Pakistan

Vertex Engineering, Trina, ZnShine and Tesla are some of the companies selling multiple variants of 250 Watt panels at varied prices. 

Design & Electricity Generation 

A single 250 watt solar panel will produce around 250 watts of electricity and is great for solar home lighting and small scale solar inverters. Some companies offer these panels in lightweight, portable and foldable designs. These panels are manufactured with an anti-reflective coating and are designed for high power output. 

Portable Backup

For portable backup and to increase the efficacy of your 250 watt panel, buy a good battery along with it. This way you can save a lot of power and use for multiple things like powering up a range of household appliances etc. A battery would also allow you to use power at night and can be taken along while travelling for camping trips, boating adventures or other outdoor activities.