1Tb Usb Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of 1Tb Usb in Pakistan is Rs.1,999 and estimated average price is Rs.38,880.


Having 1TB of storage in the form of a UBS would be very convenient. This is a lot of space, it would mean you can carry about 150,000 songs on you; all on a small stick. There are many brands that produce 1TB USBs. The price of this storage space on a USB would cost quite a bit.

Pros & Cons


  • Very compact size

  • Usually sturdy build

  • Large amount of very portable storage


  • Easy to lose

  • Can pick up malware


1TB USB flash drives

1TB of information on a thumb drive is a lot to have in such a portable size. There are so many uses of such a device. It would make transferring files snappy and could easily be used to work from different computers if one was moving around.

The transfer rates are fast as well, this is due to the fact that USBs are based on Flash Memory technology. Transfer speeds can vary from USB 1.0 up till USB 4.0, the higher the number the faster the files are moved around.

Other uses

One could also put a bootable OS onto their 1TB USB or a software that can run diagnostics on specific systems.

Possible drawbacks

Due to their size USBs are easy to lose. If there is sensitive data on it that could be a huge problem.

USBs also have a limited number of read and write cycles, these are in the thousands so there is ample usage but eventually a USB will no longer be usable. 


One could make a lot of use of a 1TB USB as it has the space to store a lot of documents, images, videos and other data. A 1TB USB would cost a lot from any brand.

Price List

Model Price
USB 3.0 Portable External Hard drive 80GB 120GB 160GB 250GB… Rs. 1,999
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable HDD USB 3.0 STDR10003… Rs. 9,499
Apricorn Aegis Padlock USB 3.0 Solid State Drive - 1TB Rs. 102,099
LaCie Rugged USB-C Portable Hard Drive - 1TB Rs. 22,399
Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 USB Portable External Hard Drive… Rs. 60,499
Western Digital WD My Passport 1TB Hard Drive Portable Exte… Rs. 9,199
ADATA SE900G 1TB USB-C 3.2 Gen2 External RGB SSD Drive Rs. 29,999
Apricorn Aegis Padlock Fortress USB 3.0 Portable HDD - 1TB Rs. 60,699
Samsung Portable SSD T7 1TB USB 3.2 TOUCH (Black) Rs. 34,499
Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 USB Portable External Solid Stat… Rs. 121,799
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