128Gb Sd Card Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of 128Gb Sd Card in Pakistan is Rs.229 and estimated average price is Rs.3,796.


Most portable devices need SD cards for expanded storage. These SD cards are available in different sizes and well as storage spaces, including variants that have 128GB of storage. One can find a 128GB SD card from many brands. The price depends on the specific transfer speeds and brand but is in the affordable ranges.


The SD card and its uses

Almost all portable devices use SD cards to add on storage space, this includes smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices and more. 128GB SD cards would add a decent amount for such devices as the media is often low-res formats.

SD cards are fast with their read and write times as they are based on electronic circuits and don't have any moving parts. The speed standards vary; the higher speed ones work well for high-performance devices such as DSLR cameras, helping reduce the operating lag.

There are various formats in filing systems and one needs to know what kind their device is compatible with. So tags such as SDHC or SDXC need to be checked before purchase. Another thing to keep an eye out for is if you need an SD card or a microSD card.

An SD card can also be used to launch a project or bootable program. It is also a neat way to keep sensitive data as the size allows for it to be hidden safely.


One can choose the right kind of 128GB SD card for them based on the file format, the speed they need and the budget they have in mind. The prices are higher for the faster cards, generally, this is a lower range product.

The known brands that make a 128GB SD card include SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend and ADATA.

Price List

Model Price
Micro Sd Memory Card For Digital Devices-2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb 3… Rs. 229
SanDisk ULTRA microSDXC UHS-I C10 CARD - 128GB Rs. 5,699
Lexar 633x 95mb Sd Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb , 667x 100mb Sd… Rs. 1,289
Kingston High-Endurance MicroSD Memory Card - 128GB Rs. 6,799
Lexar 633x 100mb Micro Sd Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb - 256gb … Rs. 1,569
Lexar Orignal - 128gb Memory Card - 5 Years Warranty - Clas… Rs. 2,750
Lexar 633x 100mb Micro Sd Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb - 256gb … Rs. 6,424
Lexar 633x 95mb Sd Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb - 256gb - Memor… Rs. 7,139
Sandisk Memory Card Extreme Plus Micro SD With Adapter 170M… Rs. 3,839
Lexar 633x 100mb Micro Sd Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb - 256gb … Rs. 914
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